My Addiction

by wewriteourownstories

I have a confession to make.


I’m addicted to games.

I’ve always loved gaming. It all started when I was nursery, my first game was Sega’s Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse on my brother’s Sega Genesis. I remembered the levels looked so pretty and colorful! There were levels in pastry paradise, and levels in toy factories. It was a magical land. Certain levels had triggers that flipped the screen upside down. To counter that, I would like on my back with my head hanging off the edge of the couch  so that I was playing the game upside down as well and on many occasions, the couch would just overturn due to the uneven weight on the edge of it. [It was one of those bamboo couches.]

After that, we got our first PC. A hand me down from my uncle with MS-DOS. That was when I learn to play Jazz Jack Rabbit. My uncle had taught me the command to access the game in DOS. These were the days of giant floppy disk. The reaaaally big ones, not the tiny ones that we had later on. My mom bought me a bunch of educational games seeing I loved gaming so much, which I admit, I did enjoy, despite them being educational games. I went on to play Silicon & Synapse’s [now known as “Blizzard Entertainment”] The Lost Vikings. And oh how I loveddd that game! It was funny and interesting and it kinda made me feel really smart when I was able to complete the levels using teamwork between the 3 characters which had different attributes. There was Olaf, the fatty dude who had a shield which he could use to either block projectiles and attacks, or use it to glide. Then there was Erik who could sprint and jump, which also enabled him to jump onto Olaf’s shield when he puts it up to reach high places. Then theres my less favorite character, Baleog. haha! He’s the archer. The only one with the ability to damage. But his projectiles also work to activate switches which were position behind electrical barriers. Gosh. Those were fun days.

And then game the days of Warcraft! My mom didn’t really like the idea of me playing a game with ugly looking Orcs and magical stuff. [She use to prohibit us from watching Care Bears!] But I still played on. I hadn’t started elementary school yet, so most of my days were spent gaming. When Warcraft II came out, I even made my own levels using the level editor. Levels which was insanely bias toward me. I would amass tons of troops on my side, and made the AI have very weak bases so that I could totally own them in less than a minute. But the fun part was playing with all the doodads and tools!

But alas! I had started elementary school and my days of gaming slowed down. I wasn’t allowed to touch Diablo at that time because it was ‘evil’. My days of gaming really slowed down in elementary school. All the way till I was 11, when Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow were released in English on the Gameboy Color! My cousin who was the same age as me, poisoned me by introducing the game to me. I was instantly hooked on it and wanted my own Gameboy Color. But my Mom was always strict on ‘if you want it, not need it, save up and get it yourself.’ [although she always bought dolls and girly, less violent toys that I also liked, for me freely. haha!] So that year, I SAVEEEE! I told all my aunts and uncles to give me ‘ang bao’ [red packet which contains money] instead of presents for my birthday and hopefully an advance for christmas as well. My aunt, the mother of the cousin who had poisoned me with Pokemon Fever, even gave me a bonus, knowing how hard I was trying to save up to buy my own Gameboy Color. [I would forever remember that in gratitude. :)]. I finally saved up enough and went down to the local store to buy my very own, and very first [console] Gameboy Color! That was one of the milestones in my life! Along with Pokemon, I bought the Pokemon Guidebook that came with a poster as well. I played it day and night, I read the guidebook from cover to cover. Shortly after, the whole hype about Pokemon being evil arose, and my cousin was banned from playing Pokemon. Me on the other hand, still continued. I remembered a moment of evil when I knew my cousin was coming over for a visit, I had purposely put up the Pokemon posters and guidebook in clear view to provoke a sense of jealousy in him. [Yes, I was mean. But it was to hit back at him always showing off and being Mr I-know-everything.]

During the whole Pokemon thing, there was also Digimon. I remembered watching the advertisement on TV and wanting a Digivice soooooo badly! My sister and I both! But my mom wouldn’t allow it. My sister was 5years older than me. We devised a plan to save up enough money to buy it ourselves secretly. I remember quite clearly it was $14.99. When we had saved up enough money, my sis passed me her share and told me to run down to the local 7-11 to buy one for her and one for me. She wanted the dark blue one while I took the yellow one, while my mom was distracted. haha! We hid in our room playing against each other and raising our own Digimon. It was an awesome time! My mom found out about it later but did not confiscate them, but she found out how sneaky and devious her daughters could be. :X

And thennnn, came Tamagochi. This time round, my mom didn’t have anything against me getting one as Tamagochi had no violence and was simply just me raising a pixel pet. My grandmother brought us out for our birthday and asked us to pick a present. I picked a limited edition Tamagochi. It was so cool! But I had broke it years later when I took it out and the battery was flat. I tried to unscrew the battery case but ended up smoothing out the head of the screw. I got so frustrated and angry at that moment as it was the last present my grandma had bought me before she past on. And I had destroyed it. It’s gone now, and she’s gone as well. I still get upset thinking about it now and I still keep it’s empty box.. We were never really close to my father’s side of the family. We would see them on Chinese New Year, and during our birthdays as my dad would book one of those high end chinese restaurants for the whole family to celebrate my sister and my birthday. We were usually given red packets. The Tamagochi was the only time my grandmother had brought us out to pick out our own gifts. My grandmother, fought cancer for many years. She would get well for awhile and then it would come back again. She finally decided to stop treatment the last time it came back, and decided it was time to stop fighting it, that her time was up. She was strong, straight forward and brave. I wish I could have gotten to know her better, but she was taken away too soon..

I started out this post really happy, excited and enthusiastic about what I was writing about. But now I’m overwhelmed with sadness and grieve thinking about my late grandmother. When I was younger, I never had a hard time coping with death. Because I always believed those that pass on, were going to a better place. That they’ll be looking down on us from Heaven, watching over us. But now.. I’m not entirely sure. But that’s a topic I’ve already talked about, and not something I wish to go into again.

Maybe I’ll continue my history on games in another post. On another day. For now, I’ll just end here.