by wewriteourownstories

ImageIt’s 5.30am. I can’t sleep. A friend from Germany gifted me this game that I’ve been wanting to play, DayZ.

1.5 hours into the game. The servers go down. Maint / New patch rolling out. Won’t take any less than 3 hours says the developers on twitter. Nuuuuuu!! It’s been.. 3 hours. And I can’t seem to fall asleep. The servers are not yet up for my region. But I want to play it so badly! #addition. 

A little info on DayZ. DayZ is currently on early access available on Steam, still in it’s infancy, it’s Alpha test. The only object of the game is to survive! Loot! Loot everything you can! Survive as long as possible! The scariest things in the game aren’t the zombies. They’re like baby lions compared to the actual players. They’re the scary ones! They camp in deserted building waiting for someone to walk by so that they can snipe you down and loot your corpse. They wave a friendly ‘Hi’ at you and next thing u know, a bullet blows up right in your face! 😦

I had such a scare on my 2nd death! I heard gun shots when I reached a deserted town. So I went up to higher ground, looting as I made my way up. While looking at an item, I suddenly heard someone breathing over my left shoulder. The hair on my neck stood and a chill ran down my spine. I spun around and there was another player! He holds a gun in his hand. He waves at me and walks away. Me, being new in the game, didn’t know what was the key to do a wave back as well, neither could I find the chat button. [it was / ] He hops away and reappears a moment later, waved at me again, and shot me in the face. 😦

THE BETRAYAL!! Grievously disappointed. Faith in humanity plundered.


ok.. I’m kidding. I need allies. Dying in DayZ means starting all over again. It’s like Diablo 3 Hardcore mode. When you die, u lose everything. It’s a completely new character all over again. And u’re spawned at a random place. Meeting up with friends may take you a good hour or so. lolz.

All in all, it’s an entertaining game. Really time consuming, but it feeds my inner loot whore well. hahaha!