RUST!! & Men who whine

by wewriteourownstories

I’m a big self admitted all round geek of a gamer girl, I admit. I play just about any and every game; excluding sports and casual games.


Recently, following the DayZ trend, I’ve been playing a lot of RUST. It’s great! It’s similar to DayZ but at the moment, it’s a fuller, more complete game!

I started out Rust on my own for about a week before I managed to ‘psycho’ my friends into joining me. The first week when I played alone, I kept dying before I could even build a house of my own to stay in. I died to zombies in the night, to snipers in the hills, to bandits on the roads, anything and everything! But, this was what the game was! The sole goal of the game was to survive. I pushed on, and finally found a nice and secure little spot up in the mountains to plant my first home. I harvested lumber day and night, 8 hours straight and finally built my cozy little home. [note: when you log out, your character falls asleep on the ground where you log out, anyone can kill you and take your items.] The first night after I built my base, I got lost when I went out looking for more resources that I needed in order to build items like workbenches and furnaces so that I can advance more into technology. One thing about RUST is that you start out like a cave man, with only a rock, torch and 2 bandages. You learn to harvest wood and metal ores, craft yourself a stone hatchet, build your wooden base and advance through technology until you can craft bolt action rifles, M4s, metal bases and Kevlar suits. [And yes, you start off naked as a caveman.]

So, that first night I got lost in the dark, my torch had run out of fire and I was alone in the woods, just trying to find my base so that I can finally head off to bed. I heard a gun shot, and I felt blood trickle down my polygonal body. Someone shot at me with a pistol. I started shouting on the voice com what most players in RUST do, ‘STOP! I’M FRIENDLY!! DON’T SHOOT MEE!!’ It so happened that these 2 guys, were out resourcing, one was gathering while the other was on look out. I told them I was lost and they brought me back to their base, I followed them, thinking if I were to run, they would kill me. They brought me into this big metal base of their’s. Told me to stay for the night, because it was dangerous to wander outside at night, and in the day time, they would escort me on my quest to find my base, or, I could stay foreverrr if I wanted to. Lol! Their metal base was filled with doors, they disappeared into a couple of them and I took a peek at one of the doors when it opened, and to my horror! There was a dead body on the floor. I was gonna die!! I thought to myself. In this metal base of theirs. OMG. Are they gonna torture me?? Nooooo!! But instead, they reappeared bearing gifts. Blueprints for pistols, guns and clothing. They gave e a P250 pistol with a flashlight attachment. Gave me food and that’s when a new friendship started, and my ‘Indo Bandit’ family took me in. hahaha! Initially they were like ‘noooo, we aren’t bandits.’ But I knew better.

So morning came and we set off in search of my humble little base up in the mountains. I gave them a rough description about it being in the mountains, with the sea on the left and the sun rise on the right, and they roughly pinpointed it for me. I was a pretty long way. Initially I was hassitent to tell them the location of my secret base, because it would mean that it was no longer secret, and they were bandits after all. lol. But I saw no other way out. I couldnt log out. If I logged out, I’ll just be lying there on the floor, sleeping, ripe for the picking. And when I say ‘ripe for the picking’ I mean, ready to be killed. Eventually we found my base, and I thanked them and said I had to log off to sleep now.

The days following that, I spent between building up my home and getting to know my ‘Indo Bandit’ family. Indo for Indonesia. They happen to be the biggest, baddest bandits in our Official Singapore server. Indonesians terrorizing Singaporeans. hahaha! I felt a bit guilty.. the guilt of a traitor.. but well, I am partially Indonesian myself afterall.. haha.. My indo family brought me on night raids with them. Initially they showed me how to break into wood shelters and stuff, the low level noob raid tactics. After that they brought me on bigger raids with the use of C4 and also building additional structures around these big bases like stairs so that they can scout to see which room looked like the loot room because C4 was expensive to craft. These raids were really cool, and pretty sophisticated. They brought with them building equipment as well as sleeping bags in case we were ambushed or the owners logged in to def their base, so that they can spawn back there and try to continue the fight. Sleeping bags act as spawn points when you die. They also set up workbenches to craft things and you have a bunch of guys on look out, a bunch of guys scouting out the surrounding areas. It was so COOL!!

A week had past and my friends started joining me in game. By then, I had everything they needed. I crafted guns for them to protect themselves with, I gathered an abundance of resources so they don’t have to spend time resourcing. They could just log in and do the fun stuff! I brought them back to my base, 3 friends and 2 of their other friends. Set up sleeping bags in my living room, ate my food, and took the items I have crafted. I showed them around and introduced them to my indo bandit family. After which, they decided after about 2 weeks, they would move out of my base, set up their own, and play on their own. At a dinner [in real life] one of them told me he didn’t like my indo bandit family, and didn’t want to continue playing with us. I was a little heartbroken. I usually spent on average 2 to 4 hours at night alone resourcing and crafting stuff for them so that they can just use it when they log on, since I know I have more free them than they do. 95% I’m playing, they’re not anyway. They’re doing work or playing other games. You can’t expect me to play all by myself all through out now, can you? :((

With that, we went our separate ways. I hung out more with the indo bandits and stopped spending so much time resourcing for them. We started this really funny trend that I saw once on youtube done in DayZ where they handcuffed people and told them to sing their national anthem. Instead in RUST, we lured them to our bases with promises of weapons and food and locked them up in a room and told them to sing for us. hahahaha! It was really funny! Tons of awesome fun! .. at their expense. hahaha!

So anyway, the Singapore server went down for a while. We hopped to several different servers in search of a new home to fill the void in our hearts. We played ‘defence against the scummy china admins’ on one of them. Where the admins gave themselves an abundance of C4 and ammunition to raid all the bases in the server. We built ourselves an unraidable base and they started trying to ambush us, but we killed them over and over till they started teleporting players to our base. hahaha!

Anyway, about the 2nd part of my title. Men who whine. Omg. I am sooooooo annoyed by these kids. They whine about starting off with just a rock, bandages and a torch. Whine about getting killed. The most common whine would me ‘you killed a naked guy with nothing!’. Which is really common. The only problem with the official servers are that there’s no scummy admins. In fact, it doesn’t have admins at all. Which means hackers and cheaters roam free till they get banned about a week or so later. A lot of which run around naked killing people with rocks because they can. If you come at me with a rock, I am. Gonna kill u. It’s basic self defence. lol. So many times I’ve helped newbies who were running away from bears and wolves, kill those animals, but have these newbies try to hit me with their rock to kill me so they could get my weapon. I’ve run around the maps with stacks of food to just give away to fresh spawns, because I think the hardest thing starting out, would be to forage food. You need to hunt a boar, get chicken meat [yes, chicken. No matter be it boar, deer, wolf or bears. And funny thing was that the game started out not having chickens at all.] build campfire and cook the food.

And yes, hackers. They annoy us the most. They always target us, the indo bandits because we’re the biggest bandit group in the server, with the biggest bases. We’ve had our bases raided so many times by these hackers that use wall hacks and flying hacks. We’ve started over so many times, but we don’t give up, we don’t rage quit, we just continue on. I had friends who was raided ONCE and killed be a hacker TWICE and he raged quit because of it, qq-ing about it and saying he was gonna play DayZ instead. I get really annoyed by these sorta attitudes really.

But yeah, every day, every min, u see people complaining about how the game is so tough, how they are dying, how people are killing them. This is what you signed up for when you bought this game! Did you think it will be all rainbows and sunshine? If you don’t want combat, go play minecraft instead! If you just want to build up your base and not get raided or killed. I never once complained about the game being tough, yes, I get frustrated when hackers kill me or sometimes when normal players kill me, but I know it’s all part of the game, what they’ve done to me, I’ve prolly done to someone else as well, so there’s nothing to complain about, it’s all fair.

People. are the most dangerous things when it comes to the apocalypse. hahaha!