My secret hacker admirer

by wewriteourownstories

So apparently I found out I have a fan. Well, other than my regular viewers on my twitch channel that is. ❤ u guys!
But yeah, I met the infamous 'no name' hacker who's been aimbotting and shooting through walls n killing people in our Official Singapore RUST server.
He and his bunch of friends have 'grief' or 'raided and taken over' one of our indo ally's base. We ran over to try helping, that was the first time I saw the infamous 'no name' hacker as he shot my friend in his face. I shouted at him over in-game voice comm to which had him stun for a couple of seconds, probably computing in his brain how a player in this game could have a female sounding voice. After which he replied, and this time round I was the one that was stun by his thick Singaporean accent despite him trying to hide it. I was like 'omg! Why is a Singaporean hacking?! Surely we haven't sunk so low have we?' He tried to say he wasn't Singaporean, but I know what my ears heard. He then shot me in the face.

For the next couple of days, the hacker took a keen interest in me. Impersonating me by using my nickname, using hacks to kill everyone in game, but people were on my side, they knew it wasn't me. They told him to stop impersonating me, but he continued on anyway. He started flaming me for hanging out with my indo bandit brothers, calling me their queen, and leaving a little compliment saying I had a sexy voice. LOL. He proceeded to build his base on top of our roof, and declared we are now under his protection. To which I told him we need no protection from any hacker. We do not associate ourselves with hackers.

During this time, another Singaporean comes online flaming me. This guy who we once locked up in our house, and told him to Sing for us if he wanted to be let free. He refused and never let that day go. Haha. He started insulting me calling me a whore for hanging out with my indo bandit brothers. Hello? Doesn't mean just because I'm female I should only play with other females. Plus that would mean I have little to no one to play with in a game like this. I was furious at him. No one has ever insulted me that much, I retaliated and shot back some insults of my own, after which I sorta regretted. I'm not the type of girl that says these kinda things. At the end of it, he wrote in global chat saying truth is, he thought I was cute. But why did I have to ask him to sing. Days that followed, whenever he saw me in the game, he would call out to me. Asking me to return to them. (i was never with them in the first place. The indo bandits were the first people I met and the first who took me in.)

But yeah, I guess this entry is aimed at the awareness that females getting harassed in game. It really ruins the fun. I'm not the sort of female gamer that wants to be treated special for being female, neither do I flaunt my gender. But well, boys be boys I guess.