2014 Asian Stereotypes still lives

by wewriteourownstories

It’s the year 2014, but not much has changed in the media. Asians are still stereotyped as academic chasers.

In episode 2 of Criminal Minds season 10, it tells the story about an obsessed Asian dude and for God knows what reason, he is seen wearing a navy blue female swimsuit, akin to those Japanese school girls wear. That and along with a translucent raincoat and red tinted goggles. Apparently the reason behind all the killings he did? Well, you pretty much guessed it, bad grades and a strict Asian Father that did not take Bs kindly. He goes on a mission to complete the 9 circles of hell, killing fathers who seem abusive with their kids, and when I say abusive, it was more like just normal parental disciplinary actions. One of the victims was said to be loved by the kid he was mentoring, although he was tough on him, but he brought the kid from failing to As.

Waaaayy too much Asian stereotypes in one episode imo. A cheap shot from the writers. I expected more out of Criminal minds. Yeah, the story line works, but the Japanese school girl swim suit on a grown man? Really?

lol.. man..