Growing up

by wewriteourownstories

As I grow older, i start to realize it gets harder and harder being single. I returned home at 11pm on a Friday night after attending a friend’s company opening party. People left early, i stayed as long as I could because I really had no where else to go, nothing else to do on a Friday night without feeling so alone.

It gets harder. There was once a time when we would just hop onto the internet n log into our games, our worlds magically changed. You greet your friends as they logon during their regular timings after school or work; run some heroics together, quested together.
Now, I log on to an empty guild. No ones online. No one’s free on a friday night to play. No one responses to the group chat. Everyone has GF duties to carry out. I’m stuck here all alone in my lil apartment, in my lil room, in my virtual world.

It gets tougher. Everyday.