by wewriteourownstories

What a solitary life I live..

It’s the Lunar New Year, everyone’s busy meeting up with family and friends. I’m sitting in front of my computer waiting for people to form some raids. Don’t even have anyone I know in-game playing with me. Just me alone… Was the same for xmas, was the same for new years.
Wasting away the best time of my life alone..

But.. I don’t really have friends. So it’s not that I’m turning down invites to go out. I had cut contact with the girls a long time ago. Didn’t see any point on up keeping such superficial friendships. I use to have quite a few guy friends who gamed with me. People I knew irl. But in the end it’s always one of two things. They wanted more than platonic friendship, I make it clear that i just wanted friendship, they leave. Or, they get themselves a GF and disappear. Or a combination of both…