Elune Adore

by wewriteourownstories

I continued playing the game though all my friends had left.

Played it alone, put myself through pugs every day of every week just so that I could keep up with u; so I wouldn’t fall behind even though pugging made me rage so much.

I stayed up late looking forward to your calls because I knew u had guild runs till midnight.

I nv said a word about love or relationships or anything too personal because I knew I had to keep my distance. U, were distant. U’re attached. Attached to a lady who u say is a mature woman. Who didn’t need you around. U played every night of the day, I was surprised when I learned that you were actually attached.

Sometimes I do wonder what sort of a relationship that was, when you spent more of your free time in the virtual world than with the woman you supposedly love. But then, who I’m I to judge. For I spent more of my free time in the virtual world waiting on someone who just treats me as a form of entertainment.

Well, I took the plunge for I knew that nothing could possibly come of this. That I was just wasting the last of my under 30s years waiting on a guy who doesnt even know I exist irl. I left him a farewell letter. Just to tell him goodbye, and one last tease by throwing all my worthless ingame junk at him.

I was afraid to leave because I knew that would mean no longer having an excuse for him to call me for I no longer play the game.

I guess this is the end.

Elune-adore, ____.